19. September 2019

New Work article for personalSCHWEIZ

Under the title “New Work – Chance for the Mittelstand”, I collected the most important things about New Work for the largest Swiss personal magazine: Why Buzzwords do not help us, why we at New Work have to think in philosophical terms and how companies can specifically focus on the way to New Work.

18. July 2019

Interview for HAUFE New Management

How much Bergmann is in today’s New Work? What’s up with the New Work Charter? And how can you grasp the concept with its philosophical roots? I answer these and other questions in an interview with HAUFE New Management.

2. July 2019

Double interview with Peter Sticksel, Director HR, HANIEL

Co-working, home office, four-day week: Many companies adorn themselves with New Work. But does this really go hand in hand with a cultural change? Does our understanding of work change profoundly? For the magazine ENKELFÄHIG I had a gentle exchange with Peter Sticksel, the HR Director of Haniel.

24. June 2019

Pro-Contra-Battle about “Beraterdämmerung” in personalmagazin

With Matthias Meifert from HRPepper, I deliver a blow-to-blow in issue 07/19 of the personalmagazine on the topic “Do we still need consultants in the future?”.

21. June 2019

Guest article for CAPITAL about freedom and innovation

On the topic “Freedom and Innovation” I wrote an article for CAPITAL. He describes why freedom is the most important ingredient for innovation and what dimensions freedom must assume for innovations to happen in companies.

13. June 2019

Interview with BUSINESS PUNK

The magazine BUSINESS PUNK interviewed me on agility and hierarchy issues. You can read my statements online here.

6. June 2019

Article about Organizational Coaching in maangerSeminare

In the magazine managerSeminare I had the opportunity under the title “Update for the management consultancy” to report in detail about my model of organizational coaching. The article is available in the print edition June 2019, online behind paywall or as a free podcast to listen to.

24. May 2019

Human Resources Manager recommends “Beraterdämmerung”

The magazine Human Resources Manager dedicates a detailed review to my book Beraterdämmerung in his current issue and is thrilled: “Anyone who expects the bitter billing of an ex-insider is wrong. Väth’s reading is fun and helps. Clear recommendation!”