Radical Work

Radical comes from the Latin “radix” (“root”). This is exactly what Radical Work wants to do: bring work back to its core, to its value contribution. So that we can avoid bullshit work on the one hand and, on the other, put the sparkle back in people’s eyes when they talk about their work.

What is radical work?

Radical Work is an approach to getting back to the basics of fulfilling work in terms of focus, meaningfulness, flexibility, work-life, motivation, engagement and collaboration. It’s a humanistic approach for people and teams to get to the point and focus on the things at work that really matter – without ignoring the overall purpose or the need to develop quantitative goals for the work.

Radical Work is not about a revolution, but about a return to the true essence of work. For a better work experience, better team results and thriving organizations.

The seven rules of the game

Radical Work follows seven “rules of the game”. Think of them as guiding principles for thinking, speaking and working together. They are intended to raise awareness of key issues without which radical work would not be possible.

The rules are also not to be understood as a burden or judgmental reproach, but as an invitation and inspiration to discover the valuable and motivating parts of everyone’s work.

The movement

In the fall of 2023, a movement was formed in Nuremberg around the idea of Radical Work. The people in this movement want to refine and advance the idea of radical working and use it to change the world of work.

Gründungsmitglieder der Bewegung Radikal Arbeiten

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