Radical Work Circle©

The Radical Work Circle© is an eight-unit training program for managers and teams. Over a period of three months, participants receive input that they can immediately integrate into their everyday lives. At the same time, they work in a learning community and are supported by a qualified coach at certain points.

The most important facts in brief

  • Three months access to all e-learning content (videos, podcasts, PDF etc.)
  • Group work in eight sessions (kick-off plus seven structured sessions on the “Seven Rules of Radical Working”)
  • 16 hours contingent for group moderation and coaching
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The problem

Many companies are currently struggling with staff shortages – which are likely to get worse rather than better in the coming years. Added to this are unfavorable work processes and an increasing lack of commitment to one’s own company. These factors lead to a high workload, dissatisfaction and the need to professionalize collaboration.

The solution: collaboration on a new level

If fewer and fewer people are expected to do more and more work, we cannot rely on digitalization, AI and process improvement. Collaboration itself, from person to person, must make a quantum leap. This is the only way we can deal with conflicts, design targeted solutions and emotionally bind people to each other and to the organization.

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