Further training that makes sense

In my courses, I impart knowledge and practice on New Work, New Leadership and organizational development – scientifically sound, didactically optimized and with plenty of room for exchange between the participants.


Continuing education should be a real learning experience: social, brain-friendly, experience-based

Good continuing education is characterized by the fact that it meets basic psychological requirements. Firstly, learning experiences should be social. All real learning happens or matures in a social context – including learning in further education. That’s why my participants always learn from each other. Secondly, learning must be brain-friendly. Far too often, learning runs counter to the needs of our psychology: the content is fragmented too senselessly, there are too few breaks and it is not prepared didactically enough. That’s why I make sure that my courses are very well prepared didactically. Thirdly, learning must be experience-oriented. The aim of learning is not to “think correctly”, but to “act correctly”. That’s why I create spaces for testing behavior and problem solving in my courses.
My promise to you is therefore: further training with pleasure, quality and impact. Just as my topics inspire me, I inspire my participants to immerse themselves in the respective topic, to learn important things and to go beyond their own limits of thinking – not only for themselves, but also for the development of their organization.


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