Lecture Topics


How do we build a better working world? What are the hallmarks of real New Work companies? How can New Work help companies collaborate, culture and organize? These and other questions about the future of work move me. In my lectures I give answers and perspectives – entertaining, understandable, competent. A selection of past lecture titles:

  • New Work: Revolution or Pipe Breaker?
  • New Work and the Learning Organization
  • New Work: Social Utopia, reloaded
  • New Work: How Companies Can Shape Their Future
  • New Work and the future of recruiting
  • New Work Charter: Five Principles of True New Work
  • Administration Reloaded: How Authorities Can Benefit From New Work

Customer Testimonials

"A proactive and awake talk that appealed to me emotionally. He has sensitized my colleagues and me to think about principles and values ​​in corporate culture."

Rolf Walz
Head of Human Resources

"Markus Väth has given an important impetus in our global meeting and has provided a sustainable food for thought through his authentic and likeable appearance, combined with in-depth expert knowledge."

Philipp Junge
Senior Vice President

"Mr Väth's lecture was a convincing start to our eJustice information day: independent, honest and at the same time very motivating, he was able to win the public's interest in the topic."

Jörg Altemeier
Head of Unit

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What customers appreciate


I prepare a topic in such a way that everyone understands it - and still preserves its professional depth. I work a lot with everyday examples, with metaphors and catchy visuals.


My lectures have humor and entertainment. I prefer to speak freely; Presentations usually consist of a few slides. The main points of my talk I transport directly into the listener's head.


I respond to requests extremely quickly, design my presentation based on your needs and support you with professional photos, self-descriptions and materials for your event advertising.

How much is a lecture?

Unlike company representatives who are exempted for conferences, I live from lecture engagements. That means: My quality has its price. On the other hand, individual factors always play a role. Therefore, expect a fee in the lower to middle four-digit range. I advise you if you are unsure what you exactly want or how your expectations match with me.


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