Meet the new world of work - inspiring, well-founded and entertaining

In keynotes and impulses, I convey core topics such as New Work and New Leadership – always individually tailored to your organization, close to the audience and with a “thought-provoking offer” as a message.

Keynotes and impulses are a great opportunity to familiarize people with a topic in an inspiring and entertaining way. In my presentations, I convey technical depth with rhetorical ease and catchy images; you benefit from my extensive stage experience, clear structure and my own curiosity about the audience. After all, the main thing is not me – but your audience and your topic.

Take a look for yourself

I have provided you with a short video here. You are welcome to get your own impression of the “look and feel” of my keynotes.

1 - New Work

New Work has a lot of potential – unfortunately also for misunderstandings. I explain what New Work is really about, what real New Work looks like and how organizations can achieve it.

2 - New Leadership

The crises of our time are forcing organizations to change – and this also applies to leadership. I convey what is behind the buzzword New Leadership and how organizations can use New Leadership for themselves.

3 - Ownership

The new world of work increasingly demands that individuals take on responsibility. But what does ownership mean in concrete terms? And how can they be promoted in organizations? I will answer these and other questions for you.

4 - Radical work

“No bullshit” is the motto of Radikal Arbeiten. I approach the essence of work and use five characteristics to describe how it can once again become a benefit for everyone and a contribution to progress for organizations.

The topics sound interesting, but you still need clarification? No problem. Contact me without obligation and I will be happy to advise you. 


Conference keynotes

New Work Future, Hamburg – New Work Summit, Mannheim – Petersberger Trainertage – COPETRI Convention – Open Government-Tage, Munich – Berliner Personaltage – digitalCulture day, Aachen – HRocks, Düsseldorf – Coaching-Kongress Erding

Unlike company representatives who are given time off for conferences, for example, I live from speaking engagements, among other things. This means that my quality has its price. On the other hand, individual factors always play a role. You can therefore expect a fee in the mid four-figure range. I will advise you if you are unsure exactly what you want or how your expectations match with me.

No. Each presentation design is based on an individual briefing with you. I draw up a so-called “outline”, i.e. a presentation structure with key points, which is then coordinated with you. In this way, we combine your very own situation with my specialist knowledge – for a coherent “sound” and the best possible effect for the audience.

There is no “death by powerpoint” for me. When I use slides, I use them in a very reduced way; there is usually only one picture or a keyword to be seen. If you as the customer wish, I can also convey more content via slides, but this usually makes little didactic sense. On the contrary, it can also be very refreshing if the speaker doesn’t use any aids at all – I also like to do that, by the way.

No. I convey my topic neutrally and do not refer to other products or services of mine. There is no up-selling or cross-selling.

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