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From time to time I give interviews to companies and the media on New Work and leadership. I publish the most interesting ones here on my website for you to listen to and for inspiration

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Talk2Executives - The Telekom Podcast

In this edition of the Telekom podcast series Talk2Executives, Claudia Klemm, Head of the Operating Office of the Speaker Committees, talks to me about leadership, changing leadership and what actually makes a good leader.

Strikes: What needs to change in the world of work?

On the occasion of numerous strikes on the railroads and in local and air traffic, in this short interview I give impulses on the four-day week, flexible working time models and productivity in general. This is where my “radical work” approach comes into play – with work that is meaningful, attractive, necessary, feasible and humane.

Is New Work an elite issue?

With the Managing Director of randstad, Susanne Wißfeld, I discuss, among other things, which dimensions the term New Work actually encompasses, whether New Work is really limited primarily to office jobs and what the common denominator of New Work in the world of work is.

New Work is more than just new furniture

In this interview, I dispel some of the myths surrounding New Work and the supposed sense of purpose of Generation Z. I also discuss the five universal principles of New Work and why we should not ignore the social utopian aspect of New Work.

From New Work to Radical Work

With Jule Jankowski, author of the book “Zwischen Alt und Neu liegt Gut” and podcast host of “Good Work”, I discuss the origin and meaningfulness of my concept “Radikal Arbeiten” and the difference to New Work.

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