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Your management team has a dual task: managing day-to-day business and shaping a possible future. I support your management team in the areas of New Work, Purpose and Team Performance.

Why management teams come to me

Business Case 1: New Work Strategy

Many organizations have now heard of New Work and have perhaps even taken the first steps towards it. But how do you bring New Work into the organization in a structured way? What traps are lurking and what are tried and tested strategies? I will work with you to develop a roadmap to New Work, share my expert knowledge and accompany you on your journey.

Business case 2: Purpose development

The purpose of an organization is more than its business purpose – it describes the cultural “fingerprint” of an organization. Finding this fingerprint and being able to communicate it to employees and customers is an important competitive advantage today. Products and services can be interchangeable – your purpose, your fingerprint cannot. Together we will discover your purpose, make it ready to speak and thus strengthen the identification with your organization.

Business case 3: Team performance

Management teams usually consist of strong characters, each with their own ideas. Added to this are time constraints, the burden of responsibility and unforeseen situations that have to be dealt with together. I support your management team with their communication, leadership and performance challenges – so that you can be the rock your employees need in uncertain times.

How do we proceed?

After contacting us, we meet for an initial informal clarification of the assignment and you describe your situation: What is your issue? Where do you think the problem lies? How would you like to go about it? Based on this conversation, I will give it some thought and then suggest an initial idea of what I think would make sense. We discuss this idea together, clarify any questions and outline a rough roadmap.
For larger projects, it is important for me to emphasize that I take an iterative approach. Due to the fact that organizations and projects are in a constant state of flux, a fixed milestone plan over eighteen months, for example, would be dubious. Instead, we work on a project section, see where we are and then plan the next steps. This enables us to steer your project step by step, remain capable of acting and still be able to react to current developments. Working with internal multipliers is also important to me here. If possible, I involve internal people as early as possible to pass on the spirit and content of the project and in turn familiarize employees with the project. This greatly facilitates the credibility and acceptance of the project.

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