My vision: work with meaning and effectiveness

Wherever people work, they want to make a difference with their work. In the best case, an individual sense of work is combined with real effectiveness. I work on this combination in various key topics: New Work, New Leadership, Organizational Coaching and Radical Work.

New Work

Some say that New Work is one trend among many in personnel and organizational development. I think that’s a mistake. Rather, New Work is a necessary development, a response to the powerful crises outside and inside organizations, such as labour shortages and skills shortages. Genuine New Work always pursues the realization of five principles: Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Purpose, Development and Social Responsibility – see my publication of the
New Work Charter
. Only with these principles as a goal can concrete measures grow together into meaningful and sustainable New Work.

New Leadership

New Leadership describes an evolution of the leadership role: less management and more leadership; less leadership for its own sake and more service to the employee; less role authority and more followership. New Leadership – just like New Work – cannot therefore be dismissed as a new trend, but should be seen as an opportunity to align the role of leadership with the organizational requirements of the 21st century.

Embark on the journey. Have the courage to try something new.

Organizational coaching

Organizational coaches thus enable their organizations to identify and solve problems independently – without the notorious “not invented here” syndrome of external consulting. The organizational coach training that I offer focuses on the core aspects of successful organizational development: the fundamentals of organizational coaching, the nature of organizations as social systems, entrepreneurial progress in terms of leadership, purpose and culture, change and transformation, as well as an extensive toolbox of methods.

Working radically

We change the world by acting effectively and working radically – through activities that are meaningful, that make a difference to other people, that are infused with modern leadership, constructive collaboration, effective processes and social relevance. We can achieve this with a new philosophy of work: radical work. This approach is described in concrete terms in the “
Seven Rules of Radical Working
“, the “
Radical Work Team Canvas
” or the “Radical Work Circle©”.

Radical work is the perspective of a new philosophy of work. Let's start today.

Further topics


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