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The whole is more than the sum of its parts

An organization is a complex interplay of people, processes, structures and constantly changing challenges. In order to steer this complex interplay in the right direction, I offer impulses and interventions at various levels: Keynotes and impulses, leadership workshops and my training as an organizational coach.

How I support your organization effectively

Keynotes and impulses

Keynotes and impulses are a great opportunity to familiarize people with a topic in an inspiring and entertaining way. In my presentations, I convey technical depth with rhetorical ease and catchy images; you benefit from my extensive stage experience, clear structure and my own curiosity about the audience. After all, the main thing is not me – but your employees and your topic.

Management workshop

In a leadership workshop, managers learn the essentials of New Leadership: What kind of environment does leadership take place in today? What are the principles of successful leadership in these new times? Which models and methods do I need to know and apply? We answer these and other questions in the leadership workshop – in which there is also plenty of space for specific practical cases from the participants’ environment.

Training as an organizational coach

In contrast to conventional consulting, organizational coaching relies on a systemic understanding of organizations, innovative formats for collaboration and work with internal multipliers. In my training as an organizational coach, you will gain deep insights into the understanding of organizations, develop your own business case and learn how to effectively accompany change and transformation.

New Work Check

Making New Work measurable: The New Work Check delivers on this promise. It is a handy, intuitive and cost-effective online tool that gives you an insight into the actual and target status of the New Work dimensions of freedom, personal responsibility, purpose, development and social responsibility. It meets all the criteria you would expect from such a tool: it is data protection-compliant, browser-based, extremely customizable and available in German and English.

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